Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Wow… that sold out quickly.

Why does the main page say 99% remaining, but when I click Shop Now it says it’s sold out?


Cmon guys, could you at least have more than two when you put these things on sale?


Everything I’m trying to buy today is doing this. Added things to cart, then it sells out. Something says 99% but is really sold out. It’s cool though, we’re only trying to give you money.

For real though. Looks like they had 6 of these, which is not much better.

Those few items deserve a forever home too. :slight_smile:

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Granted, but couldn’t you at least set the limit to one on things like this?
25% of sales bought three…

Any chance these will come up any more today?

DAMMIT! I was in a meeting since lunch and missed these!

Third time is the charm?

Haha, same, i missed both of these making by minutes making a baby bottle, I deserve one I think.

Although my wife doesn’t want me to play so who knows, maybe it’s for the best

But what else are you going to do while the baby sleeps? Are you going to sleep too??

As a parent of small children who are past bottles (and hopefully diapers) you should definitely sleep too. Or at least let her sleep. Someone needs to sleep because soon no one will be sleeping…

absolutely true but i just want to play like a pro so darn bad

I’ve got two under two right now, it’s so hard to beat zelda in 30 minute increments. Gotta relearn it every few days

3 under 6 here, including 4 year old twins. I feel your pain. I’ve had Zelda since launch and have not yet beat it. Have to relearn everytime.

Got Let’s Go Pikachu and they like watching me play and sometimes playing with me. That I might beat soon.

My brother in law had them try Smash and they liked it a lot. I already have 4 total sets of controllers but 3 of them are joy con sets. Another pro controller wouldn’t hurt…

Yeah I hate the joy con’s, my 5 year old uses them but the response is just not the same as a regular controller. I’ve been trying to get a pro controller the last three woot offs because once i know the lowest price on something i refuse to pay full price for it and I don’t “need” it.

Gonna have to check out Pokemon, trying to wait on the pokemon ball controller set to go for 50-60

I bit on pre-order. It’s pretty sweet. Very nice if you play Pokemon Go too. It replaces the Pokemon Go Plus ($35) so worth it for me.