Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


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Sold out faster than a BoC

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THAT was fast

Ugh…sold out faster than a BOC!!

I didn’t even have a chance to log in

Nooo why did I miss this? There were 92% left when I went to check out

wow, i guess i got lucky. had to click buy 3 times because amazon pay kept reloading

Curse you @jthebird1977!

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Just like old times

/me shakes fist @lichme

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what… was there two of these for sale? or does colorado have an advantage. I’m Jelly-ous, because I actually want one of these, not just to resell it on ebay. haha

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They were posting 3 controllers at a time last Woot off. So probably.


Does this mean they will post again throughout the day?

i don’t think all five were sold then.

At least two were sold…

yes, my point however is i bought one. so there would have had to be 4 people in the other state that all bought one each. it’s possible, but unlikely

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I need one of these. I’ll pay you $25.

I guess we’ll see…hoping there will be more

Yeah, some canceled I guess. Only 2 sold.