Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


Lacking critical features.



that sold out quicker than the BOC


Sold out on my phone as soon as it popped up, and before I could see it on my laptop.

Sad. My kids wanted one of these.

Tried to grab one of these but my credit card info was not updated. Updated my info and it was gone. Damn.

Still, what I want most is an Elgato Stream Deck. If I miss that I’m going to cry.

haha darn!

I have been watching all day and JUST got called into a meeting.

I could have used a 3rd one of these! (I luckily got 1 other from Woot! at another time)

These things are expensive and at $35, that is a great deal!

We had to cancel ours cause it was going to an old address keep an eye out on those left overs

Dang, sorry to hear about that!

Couldn’t you contact woot support and try to get it resolved?

I will keep an eye out regardless!