Nintendo Wii Console, White

Nintendo Wii Console, White

another overpriced console. these can regularly be found at Goodwill for around $20-$50, and there’s the added bonus of seeing it in person before buying to view condition and test that it works.

Is it the model backward compatible with Gamecube games? It’s not stated anywhere what model it is.

Hi there. We’re helping Amazon clear out some inventory so we don’t have a lot of information on the consoles. Sorry.

Judging by the picture, I see it has the 2 “doors” that cover the GameCube controller ports & memory card slots on the top of the console, so yes it will play GameCube games.

I have a Wii like this one, but in black and it plays them.

The picture is stock and may not represent all the units in inventory.

Yeah, that was the problem. Is sold out tho, then :sweat_smile: Next time! Thank you all!