Nitecore MC1 920-Lumen LED Flashlight

Well, after posting on the still active listings, figured I would chime in here. Especially since I bought one of these 3 days ago and am now having buyers remorse since I didn’t check fine print.

So, the REAL nitecore doesn’t make an Mc1, they make the “MT10C”

the MC1 can be found here, a sight that claims to be affiliated with nitecore but has a different parent company

So, I guess shame on me for not double checking the specifics and model…

But i would very much like to hear back from a woot staff member as to whether these products are legit.

I have been a wooter for over 12 years but this may cause me to sever ties with them.

In glorious Woot fashion, we’ve acquired inventory that is discontinued so they no longer show on the site. They’re are definitely Nitecore. :slight_smile:

I’ve been in contact with nitecore, these lights are 100 percent fake.

I don’t see that you’ve ordered them.

They’re a discontinued model from Nitecore.

I did it under my wife’s account since prime is under her name. I’ve already reached out to you guys but I think the community should know these are not genuine lights and others have raised some concerns

just tagged woot on Facebook to nitecores post about the lights that came from me reaching out to them.