Nitecore P38 2000-Lumen LED Flashlight

When I look at the Nitecore site, I don’t find an entry for the P38 model … P36, yes. How is this different from the P36?

It has 2 more P’s. If you like P’s, it’s a good upgrade.

There is a website (missing the “m”) that has a P38.

No P38 on the official nitecore website.

Say it ain’t so, Woot! Are you the victim of cheap knockoffs?

I look forward to staff reply… this posting has shaken my faith in Woot.

Not to mention the fact that there’s been no response …


In glorious Woot fashion, we’ve acquired inventory that is discontinued so they no longer show on the site. They’re are definitely Nitecore. :slight_smile:

I have 2 issues with this:

  1. Nitecore has an older version that is the P38 and decided to REMOVE 2 numbers and release the P36? Interesting marketing move…

  2. If you google Nitecore P36, there are tons of reviews, for sale items at other sites, discussion and overall legitimacy to this model. Google nitecore P38 is like a trip to the dark web with .co website and eBay as the only hits.

Sorry to be the skeptic here… Have one of the other models en route to me so I guess I will just wait and see what sort of documentation comes with it.

Thank you to the woot staff for replying.

I sent these to nitecore and they confirmed they’re fake.

I don’t see that you’ve ordered them.

They’re a discontinued model from Nitecore.

See post under fake model alert