NitroStrike Fire Extinguisher – 2 Pack

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NitroStrike Fire Extinguisher - 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Filled 2 years ago, with a shelf life of 4 years.

Ya know, I don’t think anyone cares about bag’s of crap anymore anyhow.

'Tis good for fighting the fi’arrrrrr.

This will come in handy when my sails on my boat catches on fire when being attacked by map pieces!

I have these. Don’t know if they work yet, thankfully.

AHHH!! why is there a pirate boat in the background. is that a clue?

I have actually used this…worked great when my toaster oven caught on fire.

these would be great on a boat. It is requirement in my state.

Let me guess…taco shells?

anyone know if these are good for all fires, electrical and non-electrical?

I was going to buy these when I realized they are half way through their shelf life. Sigh

Funny, my friend actually burned down half of her house making taco shells.

I hope woot never offers these as refurbs!

They are good on class A & B fires. Class C is electrical so that would be a no on that part

IDK buddy, with you or your family/friends life on the line you may want something a little more substantial.

wait, did i miss one at lunch? I don’t see any when i look at the community posts. :\

It was actually just toast, however someone had used it to make something very greasy earlier and the excess grease ignited.

I admit it…I felt pretty manly!

I assume you mean funny weird, not funny haha.