NitroStrike Fire Extinguisher – 2 Pack



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NitroStrike Fire Extinguisher - 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 Standard Shipping

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is it half-expired, or half-useful? you decide!


I got these last time and they came in the mail with the tops broken off. Be aware if you buy it.


If the price were $3-$4 lower, I might extinguish your inventory.


This is “Great Stuff”! So convenient. Used it to put out a nasty grill fire once!


Agreed. One of my was busted, and at the time they said they could not replace it. Guess they found another box.


Bought these on a previous Woot sale, the trigger came apart on both, one arrived broken. They don’t stay assembled, not sure in a pinch if I could get them to work. I would not purchase these again.


Shouldn’t they be less than half price, since they’re more than half expired?


What fires are these good for? This would be useful in the vehicle… Are they ABC?



Hmm - Why does a life saving product’s packaging prominently feature how freaking “green” it is?? How about “Puts out fire fast!” Do you -really- care about being ‘green’ whilst trying to save life, limb and property? “Sorry buddy…you’re going to have to fry…don’t want to release any CFC’s into the atmosphere saving your sorry behind!”


If I remember correctly, these are for type A and B only. Electrical fires require a powder or non-conductive liquid.


Or you could decide now to only get Environmentally safe extinguishers and not have to make the decision during the fire!


Rated for A & B fires. Rating is for a different sized product with the same extinguishing agent.


Same, one top completely broken, both had the safety tabs removed. Got a refund at least, but staying away from these in the future.


Thanks. That won’t be a good idea in a vehicle where your fires are typically fuel or electrical. too bad.


Electrical fires turn into A fires normally. You turn off the electricity to stop a electrical fire. Then deal with the A.


50% off for something that is 1/2 way to its expiration date is NO bargain.


Even if they don’t get used they need to be disposed of.

Statistically they are much more likely to release whatever they have in some landfill somewhere than into a fire.