NitroStrike Mini-Foamer Fire Extinguisher – 2 Pack



Warranty: 35 Month NitroStrike (9-23-14 expiration on seal)

uh not quite 35 months there woot.


I heart smokey da burr


I maxed out on these last time. I’m happy with the deal, but about half of the safety tabs were broken off when I opened the box.

Those made great gifts.

Yep. I’m ‘that guy’.


“Safe to breathe, touch and swallow a small amount”

Any good recipes?


start the fire now, wait for the shipment to come in. no…. don’t do that.


naCHO strike! sorry…. i had to.


Great timing woo!..just had to unload my last two woot fire extinguishers on a defective GE oven which caught fire internally…so I’ll be all set for the next great household adventure!

In for 2 (or is that 4?)


only A,B rated (not C - electrical)
does not replace NFPA rated extinguisher

It’s good for camping/in the car and as an accessory extinguisher but don’t stake your home on one of these.