Nixeus ARC 4.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Anyone know the physical dimensions of the speaker? Looks to be maybe 1.5 times longer than the iPhone in the picture, but no dimension are listed.

Also, any chance the item is rubber coated so that it doesn’t slide around, or is it just a plastic housing?

7" long and 2.5" tall.

I bought one of these the last time they were available, and I am quite happy with; the sound quality is quite good and it gets loud enough for a single room.

It got pretty good reviews on the mothership…although it has a list price of ~$55…so you are really only save about $20 (after taxes and shipping).

Still it is enough for me to give it a shot.

Anyone with the exact weight please? Thanks!

I have one ordered and the FedEx
shipping weight says 1.4 lbs / 0.64 kgs.

We’ve added dims to the specs…

Product Dimensions 9 x 4 x 6 inches
Item Weight 10.4 ounces