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Nice to see that one-actually-one person can get the top two spots, and not just two-actually-one people.

Different continents people!


oh damn… the polar bear DID strike out.

I feel obligated to comment about the polar bear/penguin dilemma before people raise serious objections with scientific evidence and such.

But there are only 8 penguins. Does that mean the bear ate 2?

wishes he could pull out his broom for the sweep

Robin was a pretty sweet shirt…

Nice 1 2 finish. I like today’s better!

Wow, good job. Love the shape of the penguins, great amusing message conveyed simply and well.


I want Robin. :frowning:

An 8-pin strike isn’t too challenging, is that why the bear is walking away?

The polar bear is making his split because the penguins went on strike. BAZING.

Poor polar bear! He only wanted to have a little fun. :slight_smile:

He might still be able to pick up the spare.

Psh. Unrealistic! Everyone knows polar bears don’t bowl and that penguins can’t be bowling pins. Come on.

yes, there are no polar bears at the south pole or penguins at the north pole. get over it. great shirt.

IDK if it’s been dealt with. Poler bears and penguins don’t even know each other exist.

They do in zoo’s.

Congrats on the 1-2 finish! xP