No Crank Hose Reel with Swivel Base

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No Crank Hose Reel with Swivel Base
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 No Crank 100 Foot Hose Reel with Swivel Base

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This looks like a pretty good way to keep things neat and tidy in the garden!

Not many reviews but people seem to really love it.

Handy for those really long hoses!

Little Timmy woke up Christmas morning to find the gift he’d always wanted…

… a No Crank Hose Wheel with a swivel base.

No hose included?
Why is woot skimping on the hose?

I stayed up for this? now IM cranky!! haha

Who can’t wind up a hose on their own that they need this waste of space?

It’s funny what you get excited about when you own a home… I’d been thinking we needed a hose reel and look what we have here! In for one.

Shields the hose from the sun and I don’t have to crank it. I’m in for two!!!

If you’re too burdened by rolling the hose; What the hell would you be doing in the garden anyway?

No no no this is most definitely not merely a hose rolling robot. Something isn’t right. This is Skynet.

…is this some kind of SICK JOKE?!

Where I live, you have to have it in a box of some sort, so this may be what the DR ordered. Have to check the comparator.

Maybe your mother would like one…

link to manual

retail is about $99

I found these two reviews (not good):

I bought this no-crank hose reel at Home Depot because I liked it’s many features. After trying to hook it up properly, I’m going to return it immediately. This is a good idea very poorly executed. The hose connection is made of plastic and is positioned in such a way that it is very difficult to connect the hose to the reel. Worse yet, the connection for the hose is plastic and easily stripped! Those two factors combined make for a leaky mess. After I return this one, I hope to find a similar style hose reel with proper metal connections and will look much more closely for well positioned connectors. I would definitely not recommend this product, especially at the price!

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2Less than enthusiasticMay 04, 2008
I purchased this reel to replace a cheap, plastic $15.00 reel I bought from Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart version was completely made of plastic and leaked everywhere and I got very irritated with it and threw it away.

I should have saved $70 dollars and just kept it. This reel is initially impressive with it’s retracting capability, something I think is important for a ‘high-tech’ reel to possess, but it is cheaply made.

The connections for the hose are made of plastic which means the threads are plastic. They easily mis-thread and leak constantly. Even with double rubber gaskets and a ton of teflon tape it still leaks.

Drives me nuts. I expected to get a decent product and got something that probably costs two dollars to make. The only reason it got two stars is because of the ingenuity of design.

It’s not the rolling that’s an issue… it’s the having a decent looking hunk of plastic to store it in that’s the biggest benefit. :wink:

Now if some more Stanley storage things make it up on Woot in the future I’ll be a happy home owner. (Damn I’m getting old)

Overpriced. Cheaper on clearance at Targets after summer season.

hahahahaha i busted up laughing when i saw the tagline.

Hey! What’s with all the smart-alec, critical comments? Can’t you people read? The sign says “No Cranks”! Sheesh.