NO. Face

First Ghibli thing I cannot support :(. Good concept, not so good execution.

Is this Grumpy Cat Noir? Or Grumpy Cat Cirque du Soleil? I know there’s a Grumpy Cat in there somewhere.

i’ve liked a few shirts on here. this isn’t one of them.

Hello new creepy mask that deserves a horror movie franchise. Goodbye sleep.

“Creepy” isn’t the word for it.

Its more like a sad cat.

Shhh, child go to sleep. Go to sleep before the NO FACE CAT comes and snatches you out of your bed. Thaaaaat’s a good boy.


ducks and hides

This is actually quite a clever Ghibli-internet meme thing combo, it’s just creepy beyond all reason.

Creepy? I was just about to ask why most of the shirts look like they’re designed for kids lately.

It’s got a Cat-Mime-Ninja-Clown thing going on.

Any one of which can enervate the most licentious of teenagers.

I may be in for three for my daughters to wear on dates.

Do shirts that men would actually wear not sell well on woot? Very few could even pass as a mans design and fewer still are something that a man would undoubtedly wear.

I’m very, very sorry about this. But that’s all I can think of when someone says “no face cat”…

OMG! Couldn’t sleep already, and now this!

Just a simple cat version of No Face from Spirited Away. :slight_smile:

If my math is right, there have been 12 sales up to this point. We may just end up with the rarest daily ever …

Why did I think it was Spirited Away meets Anbu Black Ops?

There seem to be a lot of “cat people” on woot shirt. Getting bored.

I can’t believe no one recognized Koanashi from Spirited Away. This must be No Face’s kitty.

That hacking sound can wake me from a deep sleep faster than any alarm clock.