No Fly Zone Mosquito Net - Black

Will this block NoSeeUms?

How will you know if you NoSeeUms? Ha! I kid. I think this might be a good fit for you, but I’m only speaking from seeing samples. Hopefully a fellow Wooter who’s actually taken this camping can chime in and share their experience.

I haven’t used this one, but it looks to be similar construction / materials to the one I do use. I’ll definitely get one or two of these as backups.

From the manufacturer:

A force field of protection around essentially any hammock. Lightweight No-See-Um netting is designed to offer a spacious interior and a peaceful evening. Adjustable toggle clasps at each end provides a tight seal around your hammock. Full length dual zippered entrance for easy access to your domain.

Offers 360 Protection
Compact, Lightweight, Quick Setup
Custom Material Blocks Pests, Not Your View
Fits Most Hammocks (ALL Yukon Hammocks)
Oversized Spacious Interior
Convenient interior loops for flashlights, lanterns, or other small gear.
Includes Waterproof Rip-stop Stuff Sack and 550 Paracord with Reflective Tracers
Dimensions: 10’ x 4’
Weight: 10.2 ounces (290g)
Materials: 100% Polyester Mesh, 100% Nylon Ripstop

I have the full Yukon set now. The No-Fly zone is my latest adition to my kit. I’ve only managed to camp out over night in them once.
I started the night with the the hammock and the No Fly Zone, but quickly added my sleeping bag. Please note, that sleeping bags go around the outside of the hammock. I made due with my mummy sack, but you can buy special hammock under quilts. In the early hours of the morning I was woken up by incoming rain, so I quickly grabbed my Yukon Rain tarp. It was my first time using it, but it didn’t take me anytime to set up; by the time the rain was really falling, I was tucked back into my hammock. (It’s probably a better idea to put the rain fly up before you go to bed)
Everything worked perfectly. In the morning I noticed several mosquitos on the outside of the bug net, so I just sat there and laughed at them.
I don’t know if there were noseeums around, but I woke up with no bites. I’m taking the whole kit out again to test in a wild Arkansas backyard. I’m fairly confident that everything will pass the test again.