No Jacket Required

Those covers are real fly. You can make do rags outta them and stuff.

I’d worry about the grammar police arresting him for indecent exposure.

Little did we know (since there’s No Jacket Required) this book is actually “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

The weekly book club just got a lot more interesting.

Quick cover him up, that book is naked. Think of the children.

Quick somebody cover up that book!!

If I had a nickel for every cover-less book I’ve touched…
I might have just said too much.

That unsheathed book justs look so happy! I’m so upset to know that book covers are that oppressing to books. And here I thought that I was doing the book a favor, buying it the prettiest of book covers to make it unique :frowning:

Take that censorship! Whoo!

Does anyone else think the cloud on the left looks like a goldfish (cracker snack, in particular)?

That book is kinda flat…

I am not clever…

Horray this printed! Congrats Littleclyde!!

It certainly does

Alright, I’m trying to figure it out… Is the jacket that Little Clyde’s orange book took off a STRAIGHT jacket?! I fear for the safety of book worldwide.

Thank goodness! I was worried that my hunger had me slightly delusional!

I am disgusted.

Nothing gets a Librarian all hot and bothered like ‘Jane Austin Gone Wild’

Some of the most commonly banned books in the U.S.A:

Captain Underpants
The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby
Athletic Shorts
The Naked and the Dead
Naked Lunch
Private Parts

Which one is he?

Take off your pants and jacket?

To be fair, that was a pretty ugly jacket. It’s hard to blame the guy.