No more price in RSS?


Hey guys, your blog / RSS feed no longer includes a price. That makes it useless to me since I don’t visit your site except to buy stuff! I suspect there are others like me who also never see your purple OR puke green interface except when we “WANT ONE”

Also I tried to send this message to you via “Write Us” tab and got a Server 500 error. Great!


Poor Steve. Only ever made one post, and here it sits, waiting for nearly two years for someone to pick it up and pat it on the head.

Psst, Steve … I don’t think Woot is going to answer you, way back here in the back-alleys of Everything But Woot.

Or maybe they will. Yeah, you probably ought to wait a little while longer. Sorry for dragging your thread way up here from its hiding spot on page 30.


I think Steve needs to go blow himself . . . up. Poor him . . . only wants stuff when he wants stuff . . .