No one left to play with

I LOVE it, especially considering I rewatched the trilogy a week ago :smiley:


Looks like all those adventurers tried their luck with the balrog, but just couldn’t SOOT the bill!

What a bunch of weaklings! Even with the wizard they couldn’t get him? They deserve that incineration if that’s really all they got…

This shirt is a perfect depiction of what literally just happened to me in Warhammer.

For a chubby demon, he certainly brings it. Strong.

Still not sure if I want to laugh or cry at this picture.

hey that’s one of those medieval phoenix birds that used to land on cathedrals.

One shirt to rule them all.

A lot of people will love the Lord of the Rings tie-in, but give credit to Patrickspens-- it’s a solid design with or without the reference.

Why the Balrog went bad…when he started out so darn cute.

Heh. It passed.

I wonder if he listened to the Talking Heads back in the 80’s?

Burnin Down the House

He’s just big boned.

Well, at least they don’t have to listen to that Enya song at the end…

Awwww, poor widdle Balwog. He has no friends left. :frowning:

I guess his Mama never taught him not to play with fire.

You say that all the time…

Edit: Ahh, they edited out the quadruple post.

He is lord of the ring of ash. Congrats on another solid offering Patrick. It’s not just cinders and smoke.

Looks like my raid last night

Ohhh yeah. I like this shirt.

I put on my robe and wizard hat.