no, really, where the hell is everyone?


Seriously, there used to be like 4 posts a minute in this forum. What happened?

Did I set fire to the wrong dweeb?


there is this evil disease that people have found. It’s called lives.

most people carry on like normal, though


They’ll be back when the text derby is over ::shudder::


Riggght, internet addiction is a life, and there were a shitload of folks toking on that lemming pipe.


OK, so like now - I am demanding an explanation.

What happened? Where did everyone move to? And where in gods name are my free cheetoh’s?


Me, to Colorado from MN and loving it! Started my own business too. I like to read this stuff on the board…Where’s KillinTime and Pooflady these days?


pass the pipe please :slight_smile: i’m here but no one cares…actually i’m hiding from the houseful of people that i did not invite to a bbq!


Not true! You never talk, you just play the word games. I’ve said Hi a few times!

HI sisterC!


KT jumps in and out. She had a major life change last year and giving up woot was part of it.
Poof is taking care of family business. Elderly mom moved into retirement home and house needs to be sold. She is helping to get it ready for two weeks.
Elderly moms tend not to have internet!



I guess I’ll just get back to riding. Keep the shiny side up. and the rubber side down. Peace…


try not to lay it down…


This might have something to do with it


because people hate me ('cept for you and ed and bro j who is under a different ID)
you know if no one starts playing the word games again i am going to get nekid and play with myself :wink:


Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Curious minds want to know…


it’s always a good thing with i play with myself.


Poof is due back any day now. She will play the word games with you.


poof hates me


Poof hates no one. No pity parties allowed.


no one, at all…ever?


“Hate”'s a pretty strong word. I don’t think so. Dislike. Even strongly dislike. But I don’t think I’ve ever hated anyone. I hate things - the humidity, Pap smears, snow, spiders, and so on.