No Touch Hand Tool, Black

No Touch Hand Tool, Black

Good thing she didn’t have to touch that tablet she’s holding in her hand.


That’s an expensive stick, eh?

Then where does it go? Back into a pocket to spread the germs around to other items? On a keychain where you’ll inevitably end up touching it anyway?


This makes me think about those who go to supermarkets with latex gloves on their hands . They pushed the carts , picked up foods , opened doors …all with the same gloves . Then they carefully removed the gloves and disposed it to the trash can before entered their cars , thinking that all the foods they’re bringing home were safe from any virus . LMAO .

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You’d definitely have to be aware of the potential to spread contaminants between objects, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with wearing gloves. Doing so gives you the option to discard the contaminated gloves that you wore to cover clean hands, but you also can disinfect the gloves by using alcohol (if you have some of course) which is what we do in a [clean-room] hospital setting; you’d otherwise not want to use plain alcohol on your bare hands, and could also wash hands or gloves with soap & water.

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Quite possibly, although you could use the device for its intended purpose of handling contaminated objects while keeping your hands clean, and then easily wash the tool with soap & water before placing it in your [presumably] clean pocket.

Perhaps on a retracting lanyard by itself clipped to your body or purse away from keys and everything else?


Yes , use those clean hands to sort out all that merchandises , foods that were touched by “the gloves” after got home . Unless you are washing all stuffs with soap or alcohol .
The never ending circle .

It SHOWS it working on touch screens, but doesn’t READ that it does in the description, so I have serious doubts about it’s actual usability in that regard…

Why doesn’t this thing have a bottle opener as part of it?