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I have two full color illustration gigs due Friday the 9th.
I’d also like to finish a losing full illustration, not cute simple, entry for Join the Revolution.
I’d also like to post a video on youtube of the the whole derby entry creation like
I’d also like to send out a newsletter by Sunday at 8pm.

GAME: Question is, can jimi finish two full illustrations, a derby entry, post the youtube video by Saturday Noon, and Send out a newsletter, regardless of how ugly by Sunday 8pm.


Two ways to win:

  1. Post a yes, or no, in this thread.

On Sunday round 8pm, I will group all the yes/no, and randomly pick a person out of the winning group.

Prize: ANY free shirt from OR any WOOT shirt if you prefer.

Second way to win

  1. Sign up for my newsletter here
  2. I will pick randomly a person in the mailing list regardless of if I send a newsletter out.

Prize: $25 BB GC (That’s Best Buy Gift Card for you non surfers.) & ANY Free shirt from DBH.

Regardless, if you sign up for the list, every time I send out a newsletter, you have a chance of winning a shirt.

I will post/contact WINNERS SUNDAY 8:15pm.

If you are so inclined, I need a big push on two contest entries.

DBH - Keep Fierce
Uneetee - Imogen

Why you do this jimi? I like accountability, and have a penchant for public humiliation.


ps… heres my sketch for the upcoming derby

ps2: im also posting this at another shirt website in hopes that it will bring some competition for next weeks derby. at least they might stick around for one round of hate and neglect! :slight_smile:

ps3: Everyone eligible except AndyXXXXX…

Dem is just jokes Andy. Dem is just jokes.

ps4: i wont think less if you side on ‘no’… its a tall order. i wonder myself.






sweet. i will take you up on your indirect challenge sir! or ma’am!


YES! Because Jimi rocks! :slight_smile:


well it seems…

i posted elsewhere and the first comment alluded

the forum navigation are so whack, it deters people from the outside from figuring out how to

  1. join
  2. post

i do remember when i first started surfing here… i hated it. now i just have about 3 bookmark links, cause even after learning how to surf woot forums, it still sucks.




sweet brother… welcome!



I believe in you jimiyo!



I believe in jimiyo not getting any sleep when money’s on the line… :wink:


I vote YES, because Jimi is a known contest monster :slight_smile:


I vote NO

mainly because all the rest of y’all voted YES.

Also because it was such a nice weekend. ;^)







If you don’t, you lose respect points. Nobody wants that.


I vote no as well, because it means I have a better chance of winning should you fail. I secretly know that you won’t, but Fate could have a hand in things… like maybe you’ll spill coffee all over your keyboard and your computer will die.

If that happens, I totally didn’t curse you. I haven’t such powers. Yet…

Also, please put me on your mailing list. I need to learn to be awesome like jimiyo.

Edit: I signed up myself. I need to read more carefully.


mitchbones and mykeC… WELCOME!

Stick around! Participate!

update. im almost finished with the first freelance illustration. i should finish by 8 am.

**if you guys want to help, im doing fishing shirts. they want funny. right now i have one thats a fisherman riding on the back of a fish jumping out of water… typical large gapping mouth, water splash.

i need a second idea. i was thinking something like having a fish sitting in front of a fireplace in a robe, with a fisherman on the wall still trying to reel in the fish, with the caption “he still thinks he’s the one whos doing the catchin”

but im open to ideas. srsly. i need help. im not a marketing/advertising guy. i draw stuff. im not a slogan or word idea guy.**


BTW. I have to go out of town Saturday… so that will put a further crunch of my schedule. Gotta go see Gmaw! lest I be a crappy grandson.


Do you actually call her Gmaw? Because that would be awesome.

Maybe you could do a “tastes like…” shirt? Or something about the riveting sport of ice fishing?



I also call dibs of the Revolt of the Viking Kittens on the Dragon Overlord