Nobis 7" & 9" Android Tablets

I’m in the market for a 7" Android tablet. A cursory Google search (“Nobis NB07-BLK 7” is what I searched for) doesn’t turn up much info on this tablet which is somewhat worrisome in this day and age of “Everyone has an opinion about something and is only too eager to plaster it up across the interwebs like so much flack”

That being said you can find pages of similar but not quite exact matches (+1 internets to you in advance if you manage to find more info) for “Nobis” tablets. I put the name in quotes because it appears that the manufacturer actually seems to be “Double Power”( I’m not sure as they don’t list this model on their site and my search results listed a few other possible manufacturers as well.

If you look at reviews for similar tablets that fall under the “Nobis 7"” designation You will see that people either love it or hate it and there appears to be a trend of "Works great for the first few weeks/months then develops issues. Most common issue I saw was the battery stops charging/holding a charge. Next most common issue is that support seems to be difficult to contact if they respond at all.

Something else I noticed in my quest is that you can get similar products for about the same price and usually with “bonus” items like cases, keyboards, etc from other retailers.

Overall net effect is: This product does not inspire a lot of confidence. If anyone has any better info they can share that would be most appreciated.

Thanks for doing the research. Was thinking about getting a pair for the kids… seems to be the actual website of the manufacturer. Also according to their site, you can buy the tablet from them for $89.99 online, same specs, making woot!'s $69.99 offering only marginally better. Not to mention that you can indeed find cheaper tablets with similar specs these days along with bonus accessories.

The reason I won’t get this though is because of inferior screen resolution and non-standard charging port. It’s some weird pin thing rather than using a micro USB.

edit: they are “Google Certified.” Because why not?

Actually, you could find online an original Nook Tablet that has 7" screen with similar resolution for about the same price. But, the Nook Tablet is solidly built with a very standard CPU and subsystem which means it is still supported by Cyanogenmod. I have one and it runs the newest Android 4.4.2 very beautifully. I use it every day for reading (using the Kindle and Nook aps, as well as Aldiko) and when I travel (connects to those airport wifi and Starbucks, for instance). A battery charge lasts days.

Just an FYI about Nobis: I bought my daughter one for Christmas and there was absolutely no sound, not from the tablet speaker nor though headphones (and we tried several headphones and earbuds that DID work with other devices).

I emailed the company as instructed and was given an RMA to send in for service.
We sent it in only for it to come back 2 months later in a different box than it was sent in (but WAS the same tablet) with no notes and the sound still was not working.

I emailed the company again and went through the same exact situation.

The third time I emailed they responded to send it back in - to which I reponded with, “Really? This will be the third time… How do we know that it won’t just be sent back again. This is ridiculous.” They said, “The manager will take care of the repairs or replacement.” So we sent it in again, and got it back 2 months later IN THE SAME CONDITION.

I asked for a refund and was told they do not do refunds, only repairs.