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Didn’t catch this in time? Get it here tomorrow!

Beautiful art! A well-deserved win. Congrats =)

Grats on your shirt printing radiomode!!! I still totally feel this would have been great with gold foil printing but it’s still great!

i thought this was supposed to be on black?

Yessss this is the shirt I was waiting for!

Congrats radiomode! Beautiful linework, clever and witty design :smiley:

awesome, in for one!

Congratulations radiomode!

It looks great! And I think its funny.

I’m so glad this made it to the fog, and was second, even!
It’s so eccentric, and beats the cutesy stuff hands down, to me. :slight_smile:

In for one, so far…have to decide if I should get a girly one as well since I lost enough weight that the girly’s look, well, girly on me. :wink:

Is this on black or navy? I thought the design was on black?

yes yes yes!!! love it, im in for one!

As posted by radiomode…

May 1, 2008 3:21 AM [2197396]
Yes, suppose to be on perfect black
Like the one on the middle:


A completely deserved placement. Congrats (and while I was also led to believe it’d be black, I think I like it better on navy).

Now repeat after me for tomorrow, guys… Ed-GAR, ed-GAR, ed-GAR

hmm is right. id wear it either way. but black would make the brownish gold color pop off the shirt. hmm

great shirt : ) really different. got one but might come back for another in the morning if it’s not sold out. hope to see more of you!

I love it.

dont recall having such a laugh on a shirt.woot for a while.

well done…er, medium rare…

i thought it was brown before…guess my eyes are gettin’ older

congrats radiomode! it’s a great design :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys!

Right now I am still trying to figure out how the shipping works. Woot ships to US and Canada only?