NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starters

NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starters

800 amps, 10% coupon, $59.99 prior to coupon, up to 7.2L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine.

Based on the stat sheet this appears to be cheaper than the low end version here, does a lot more cars and twice the amp, and cost half as much as the expensive one here while still stating it does the same size cars…

So, do research as these prices seem less than stellar. I am no expert on this.


After watching this video recently, I’m hesitant to recommend this brand of jump starters. Just FYI.


How do you keep the unit charged up if you are are using it to charge your phone or use the flashlight feature?

He was particularly “only one volume: yelling” in that one… too excited?

I have one, wouldn’t even start a 4 cyl Camry.

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I was wondering the seem thing, why is this guy yelling?

I have used the GB 40 version for past 2 years with excellent results starting my cars, lawn mowers, and boat without fail.

In that video it seems this jump starter couldn’t jump anything and was pretty useless.

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I saw that too, I have one similar to the one in the photo and I’ve used it to start a Ford Triton V10 (twice) works fine. I have a few NOCO products (battery tender and a battery charger) not very impressed TBH.

I couldn’t help but notice that the “5,000” reviews covered every offering from this company and not specifically related to any particular model.

Majority of the 4 star and higher reviews were for the 4,000 amp model (not sold here)

Odd, the iPad Safari browser tab icon displayed for this WOOT! forum page is the Amazon little “a” rather than the normal WOOT! “!”.

Sharing mother Amazon’s web devs now as well, WOOT!? :wink:

Might clear out temps. That’s called a favicon. The more you know.

If you are not in a hurry, that BEATIT one was on sale for $35 not too long ago.

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I was about to link the exact same video. Watched it the day it was released and I am in a long line of back orders to buy 2 of the Audew packs.

There are many other videos on this brand. Most of them indicate that they are not that great. If you are jumping a car with a battery this is a tad too low to start your car, this might work. But, with a really dead battery or one with a bad cell, these are too weak. Watch the non-sponsored videos like the one above from Project Farm and you will see. I agree his voice is a tad annoying, but he has great videos with honest reviews based on a sound scientific approach.


I wonder how this would work when trying to power a RV battery so you can raise and lower your hitch.

I strongly recommend you catch a few Youtube videos of this device before buying it…

I have a GB70 and HANDS down - the best jump starter I have ever owned/used. I can get over 10 hard jumps before I charge it again (and it shows only 1/2 usage). It even started a large 3 battery bucket lift that I have. I buy and sell cars from auctions and so many people come up and ask about it (when they are carrying around very large commercial jumpers that don’t compare to the Genius one.

I think the NOCO is a “No go” for me! :rofl: