NOCO Multi-Purpose Battery Charger

NOCO Multi-Purpose Battery Charger

Great Chargers and great price
I ordered 2

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I agree.
I have this same charger left on my trailer batteries 24/7 and it keeps them charged and never over-charging. I “borrow” it for use on other stuff. Maybe I need to buy a second one…
Edit: I bought another one.

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Just FYI, this is NOT a jump starter. I’m sure someone will get confused.


Thank you. Was actually wondering about that.

You mean if I buy this I won’t get “jumped” lol.

This is an amazing battery maintainer-charger.

We’ve had the prior version of the G3500 for probably 5-7 years, in constant use maintaining various batteries off season.

The thing is built like a tank. And it is smart, by a company that has focused on this area for decades.

Key advantage: be sure to check out the wide range of also well made accessory cabling/connecting options at the mothership Amazon. As an example, if you park a vehicle off season, there’s even an OBDII connector so you can leave the charger inside the car and maintain the battery without having extra wires under the hood.

We have enough extra connectors that we can leave them hooked up to the various batteries we maintain and rotate the charger easily every few weeks.

Key advantages to this updated model vs the original: It does Lithium and it has the Repair mode.

While NOCO makes models with various Amperage ratings, this model is a nice middle of the road option.

And I’ve never seen it sold this cheap! Bought another one.


BTW, the WOOT! interns who wrote the “Daily Digest” email that goes out in the middle of the night might need some remedial junior high math classes.

They undersold this colorfully highlighted deal by saying it was only “40% off”. It is actually almost 60% off!

I thought it was initially until I read the Q and A’s on Amazon and found out otherwise. Glad I looked.

Our interns were advised to utilize this particular logic:


Am I missing something? Did the text Include “booster” or “jumper” at some point? All I’m seeing is “charger”.

Why can’t I log in via my Amazon Prime? The login popup just hangs and doesn’t load.

so I cannot use it to charge a dead car battery? what is this for then?

You can charge a car battery with this device. It just might take a little longer than a larger, dedicated charger. Of course, if your battery is on it’s way out (which might be why it’s dead in the first place), then no charger will charge it. You could use this device to help determine how healthy your battery is.

Also, as mentioned, this is NOT a jump starter.

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This charger should have no problem charging up a dead battery, given the time. The LED status lights tell you the charge status.

But a truly completely dead lead acid battery is not long for this world anyway. Especially if the dead battery is allowed to sit that way.

The worst thing for lead acid battery health and longevity is to let it discharge below 50%. For the typical car battery, that means never letting it drop below a voltage of 12.2-12.3 volts. Likewise, a healthy fully charged battery should read about 12.7 volts. This is the reason we focus attention on our various seasonal use lead acid batteries with a device like this NOCO.

This NOCO smart charger also has a “Repair Mode” that attempt to repair “sulfated” old batteries. Sulfating can make the battery appear to be fully charged but sulfating hurts battery capacity.

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sometimes one of my kids messes with the switches in my car and leaves an internal light on. I learn this the next morning when the car won’t start. Would this be a good thing to have to recharge the battery if I don’t have a 2nd vehicle (wife already left for work) to give me a jump?

As others have observed, this is not a jumper/booster, so it would not likely immediately provide enough amps to start a car. It is a smart battery maintainer-charger. If you were patient and the battery is not truly dead, this charger, after an hour or so might provide enough juice for the car to start itself.

Needs better instructions- I plugged it in, power LED did not come on- hooked up to battery and power LED came on. Sort of a screwy way to do it. Seems the power LED should be on if plugged into AC whether a battery is connected or not.
Was about to send it back as defective- but then watched a review on that eeewtube channel and their’s was doing the same thing. So otherwise looks good- think I may order another one.

Plugging it in shouldn’t light up anything until it’s hooked to a battery.
It’s a smart battery charger/maintainer and does that very good.
I own two of these thanks to this sale.
My diesel truck has two 12v batteries that were nearly dead. This fully charged them overnight.