NOCO Multi-Purpose Battery Charger

Is it for AGM batteries?

This NOCO model has smart charging modes for traditional Lead Acid (sealed and non-sealed), AGM, and Lithium batteries.

It also has normal and cold modes as well as small battery (motorcycles and tractors) modes.

If you have 6 volt lead acid batteries it will even charge those.

because this site does not have good customer service like Amazon

Fun fact: Amazon wanted me to fly 1400 miles to be able to pick up a late package, (good thing I had gotten another free trial of Prime,) but I digress.

Customer service is unrelated to technical issues though.


We have VERY GOOD customer service. And customer service has nothing to do with logging in. Not sure how you’re even stretching to make that connection.


I like the top right corner of that picture. :laughing:

I disagree vehemently. WOOT! Customer Service is dramatically better than it was several years ago. In my experience, when comparing first level support, it beats Amazon Customer Service.

While I suppose everyone can have different experiences, I have yet
to run into the off-shore script bunny type support so common on the first attempt at mother Amazon.

However, admittedly the web devs have some work to do on the Amazon Prime login interface since it comes up frequently here.

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Yeah, our hands are tied by Amazon’s plug-ins for the login experience. It’s better than it was earlier in the year.


BTW, why did this Prime only deal fall off the “November Prime” deals page? (I landed on that page via a WOOT! promo email link.)

This is a limited-time offer not included in the monthly event page.

Thank you, I actually came here thinking it was until I started reading.

Already ordered two. Surprised they still have more available. These are great. I have two older models, one larger, and one similar to this (but without the new features like Lithium).
My favorite go-to charger/maintainer.
note that as with most “smart” chargers, these may have trouble charging a “totally dead” battery because they will not sense a valid voltage on the leads. Sometimes you need a “dumb” charger to get an initial charge going. That is pretty-much true of all “modern” battery chargers that try to “do the right thing.” Sometimes dumb is good. For the other 95% of the time, these are the best!

[Update] by the way you can order extra of the plug-in cables (either with clamps or with direct battery connectors to leave hooked-up to a motorcycle, ATV, riding mower, etc) for easy charging. However at this price, it’s almost worth it to just buy an extra because each one comes with two sets of leads, one with clamps and one with direct-wire connections. Mostly I use the clamps but always had the dream (never fulfilled) that I would wire-up my riding mower and old Jeep with connectors to make it easy to maintain the battery at all times.

Oh yeah, not related to chargers, but Woot Customer Service has been absolutely the best in my recent experiences. It’s almost like they have real humans there! Not sure what the big A employs and sometimes it’s not clear if it’s a bot, or something that at one time may have been a human until reduced to call-center purgatory.

Anyway, you should feel confident that Woot CS will take care of you, and apparently still gives them water and air and everything – very nice of them!

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Well, worst I found was that it kept logging me out despite all the “keep me logged in” options I could pick. Very useless during Woot-offs where if I was lucky, I got to watch the spinning factory icon for about 1/2 an hour each time before being told I missed the deal.