crap, i missed the death star shirt… :frowning:

HAHA making going up and down with the mouse is like my own little flip book.

Woohoo! I was hoping this would make it! Looking at the contenders, I had pretty much assumed it would. Another awesome design, ramyb! Congrats!

Really not sure whether to love ramyb for the shirts, or hate for taking my money…

This is a really clever use of the g.i.t.d. affect. I like the small touch of the clouds by day turning to star dots by night.

Well done.

Those adorable owl eyes are calling to me! The little girl inside of me just can’t resist.

Ramy has drawn a remarkably accurate likeliness of me. If only I glowed in the dark! Just think how much lower my electricity bills would be.

This is way too much fun! Thanks for the suggestion.

The “about the artist” description makes me TERRIFIED of Ramyb…

…and strangely crave a baked potato…

Grats ace!

This is so much cooler than a French Star Wars shirt.


Do I get any points for being nocturnal? Seeing as it is almost 2 am. I’ve been up since 7 am and running on 6 hours of sleep (I know. 6 hours is “a lot”).

I vote you get a million points. Thank you exhaustion!

I thought they were seagulls or some other birds not clouds.

Really, this won but “Yummy” didn’t? What is wrong with the Woot Voters?

Although I must say that this is proof that Woot isn’t interested in a high sales count.

Apparently Woot will only print, Star Wars, owls and phoenixes.


I was hoping for a “little girl friendly” GitD design. My daughter always feels left out on these things.
Thanks Woot!

Huh? It’s right here

He’ll take more of your money at TeeTurtle. :slight_smile:

That’s 2 hours more sleep than what I got …

As a dog owner, I would never fathom that design.

I did vote for this. It’s devoid of pop culture and quite well done with clever use of the GITD representing the awaken state.

Congrats Ramy. Really simple & clever use of the ink, and most importantly, a nice looking shirt in the daytime.

I’m the 1% who went in for 3. I have 2 little girls who like to go spelunking every chance they get. I bought them the TARDIS shirt a few weeks back, but drew the line at the death star for too geeky and too before their time. This though - they will dig it. Thanks!

I do see the 3 top white lines that have a distinct bird wings curve shape, those do not have any g.i.t.d. dots yeah, so I interpreted those as birds. But everything else has the g.i.t.d. dots. Those are what I mean as clouds. To me they are more cloud shaped than bird shaped. shrug