Noke 1st Generation Smart Padlock

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Noke 1st Generation Smart Padlock
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Man, this would be AWESOME for the gym! … if only I didn’t usually put my phone in the gym locker.

You can set it up to unlock with just a personal squeeze code!

What happens if the battery dies?

From the Features tab:

What if you forget your phone or your battery dies? With Noke, it’s no problem. Our Quick-Click technology allows you to create a custom access code. If you’re ever without your phone, simply key in those clicks through a series of long and short taps on the shackle and your Noke will instantly unlock for you. You’ll never worry about being stranded again.

That sounds like that language only covers if your phone battery dies.

Too many bad reviews at least 25%. Compare price of the TAPPLOCK at $99.00. Must be a difference.

Besides what does 1st generation mean? Old technology being replaced with a 2nd generation that is better?

You can still do that. Just program a click code intoi the Noke and use it to open the locker to retrieve your phone.

I obtained my Noke locks through Kickstarter. All I can say is they were first generation and first commercial run and I have never had a problem.

After a few cups of coffee…I think you are right.

Edit: Found this - …if the battery dies in the lock, you can use the “jump-start” capability. To allow for “jump-starting” your dead lock, Noke employs external contacts on the bottom, allowing you to touch a replacement battery to them and provide power to Noke like you would to a dead car battery. Once the replacement battery is touched to the contacts, you may open Noke as you normally would, using either your Bluetooth device, Quick-Click, or a Noke Key Fob.

what kind of battery life does this padlock get?

I wish my wife had that!

  • {{ drops mike, walks out… }} *


Ex-squeeze me?

The NOKE 1st Generation smart padlock is the worst idea ever for kids from 6 to 26. Where do kids need a padlock? At school the gym or swimming pool. Where do they put there CELL? In the locker ! Call the locksmith or cut it off !!!

I dunno if I trust all this smart technology, mumbo jumbo, hoodoo religion blueteeth craziness! Give me a length of chain, a five pound master lock, and 7 keys to open it with and I’ll give you a lock worthy of being called a lock! And what kind of name is “Noke,” anyway? Rhymes with “Toke!” Probably built by a bunch of hippies! They just added the long E add the end to throw us off!

Heheh… just kidding. Seems like a good piece of tech. But since it’s bluetooth, if your phone is in the vicinity of the lock, can it still be opened by the tap process? I guess that is the “key” question (ha!) if you were to leave your phone in a locker or somewhere that is being secured by the lock.

Omg… lmfao :joy:

Does this thing open up? None of the pictures shows it does. Asking for a friend.

I’ve had two of these on my track trailer toolbox for over a year. I don’t use the phone app, I use the key fob and it works fine. The toolbox is outside and exposed to the weather.