Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Read the description/specs.

The bad: The Nokia 770 suffers from extremely sluggish operation, with most movies and Flash animations too slow to be useful, and it relies only on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connectivity. Unfortunately, VoIP and instant-messaging features have not yet been implemented, and the device accepts only RS-MMC memory cards.

All Nokia Internet Tablet/PDA/PPC’s run Linux.

Never heard of a such thing thought it was a generic description.


Yeah, seems like a want-to-be laptop. Save the cash for a cheap laptop or the iPhone!

The description says it… Oh, nevermind…

Can anyone please tell me does this have enough memory for me to daytrade stocks like on ameritrade with this?

I gotta question…

Can you install plugins like flash and stuff?

Wow, great price… I just wonder if it’ll work in Japan.

It runs on a Debian Linux-based operating system

Where’s the keypad for dialing out?

There’s a very strong accessory market for this product on eBay: screen protectors, pouches, extra batteries, what-have-you.

The price is also pretty good, though I wouldn’t judge it as great. Used models routinely sell on eBay for $85-$100.

hmmm that looks very cool does anyone know how secure this would be browsing on like making online purchases and online banking over a unsecured network …

And now for the reviewer links:
Geek chic doesn’t like it. And I have to agree. For slightly more you could get an old laptop that does a lot more!

Would be kinda cool since the woman and I fight over the one laptop. All we both really do is cruise the net to check stuff out reading news and whatnot.

Damn, if I only had the cash.

A review!!!

UH. Where did this thing come from. I thought the specialized appliance device experiment was over, at least for anything over 20 bucks XD

Or you could throw down an extra couple hundred and get yourself a fully functioning laptop and actually enjoy it. Another late night in vain.