Nokia Lumia 900 16GB Unlocked Cell Phone

Tons of comments on the Previous Sale

This is an awesome Windows Phone! but to note; this will only run Windows Phone 7.8 and not Windows Phone 8.

Read (and watch) this “excellent” review over at

I actually dread the day I have to “upgrade” to my next phone. I love my Lumia 900.

Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

If i didn’t already have my 920, i would jump on this.

Is this CDMA or GSM?

The specs page shows both WCDMA and GSM frequencies, but I think this is just the general specification for Lumia 900.

If you read the reviews on be sure to filter by newest review first. This phone is becoming dated and after people have used it for a while, you can read the quirks about this phone. Also keep in mind, the next samsung galaxy 4 will have eye ball scrolling making the screen touch free. Also, apple will be reveiling a new iphone in Sept. woot is a last ditch effort to make a small amount of money on stuff That is about to tank in value, or it is a site for amazon to get rid of useless inventory while making a hefty profit from suckers.

WCDMA is not the same as CDMA. Rest assured that this is a GSM phone. Here’s more info on the differences between WCDMA and CDMA for those curious:

It is absolutely dated, but for $200 unlocked, you aren’t going to do much better. For someone who wants a phone first, multimedia machine second, this is a great deal.

Got it in the sale from couple weeks ago. Sold it within a few days. Too many missing features like the incapability to run Google Voice app, no HD, and an outdated OS that cannot be upgraded.

I will wait a month or so to get the 920.

The iPhone 5S (or whatever it will be called) and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 are both $650+ for the unlocked, contract-free versions. How can you possibly compare them to this phone?

Yes, it’s a bit dated, but it is still a very solid phone, by a quality manufacturer. Nokia has great customer satisfaction ratings, and while Windows Phone 7 OS is capped at version 7.8, it still has enough features for most folks, at a bargain price.

Just sayin’ – this ain’t a $650+ phone, but for some folks, that’s a good thing.

It’s a solid phone for $200 unlocked. It may not be great for the power users that Android attracts and may not have the glitz and glamor that Apple brings but it will get the basics done. Also it just recently got an update. Looking for a phone to get you by to replace a broken one or throw on an MVNO for cheap service then this will do pig. This will do.

For $200 I suppose it’s a pretty good deal. You get Nokia’s sexy hardware, but the OS will never see another official update, so there’s not much future in this phone. If you want something that’s going to still be running the latest apps a year from now, I’d put serious thought into saving up another $100 and getting a Nexus 4.

There’s no official Google Voice app for Windows Phone 8, either. There are, however, third party apps that work just fine for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

Even these “dated” phones as some are calling them have it all over Android, which is STILL not ready for prime time and a clunky excuse for a phone OS. I work in IT and we’re all a bunch of dorks, but every person but for a few hold outs went from Android to iOS or stuck with Apple. The hold outs tend to be those people that say “I don’t like Apple” - whatever that means - and usually admit that iOS is the better of the two when truly compared.
That said, I loves me my iphone, but these Nokia’s are awesome as well. Super tempted to get one to fool with it for a while. Excellent price. Friend of mine had this and now the 920 and couldn’t be happier.

Please paint me a picture. Will this work with Straight Talk or any comparably priced plan? Thank you.

Wait a minute … what happened to two-fer Tuesday?

It “should” If it’s an international version you will be fine with any sim based MVNO. If it’s an unlocked AT&T version then you would want to make sure you get an AT&T based MVNO. Straight Talk recently stopped selling at&t sims and whats left is expensive to get a hold of. Net10 is $5 more and you can get their at&t sims fairly cheaply on e-bay and I don’t believe they sell their AT&T sims anymore. Also their is a hard 1.5gb cap on AT&T data from Net10. (AT&T seems to be restricting the heck out of MVNO’s lately)

edit should read the description better it will work with any SIM carrier.