Nokia Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Body Composition & Heart Rate

This product was originally developed by a Withings which was bought by Nokia. It has been sold back to the co-founder of Withings Eric Carreel. I own one of the Nokia scales and it is an improvement over my older Withings scales that lasted 7 years. Good product.

can anybody comment on the body fat measurement accuracy/precision?

also, why heart rate? seems useless to me. thanks!

I’ve been looking for a scale that gives me the weather. Now if they would only build in a flashlight.

My Withings scale used to have weather but after Nokia bought them they removed it with an update.

It appears this one has the weather applet.

I can only imagine it’s to capture your heart rate when you are surprised and upset by how much weight you have gained.

LOL, it appears to be the only use of heart rate measure on a scale! I am interested in a wifi scale with an accurate body fat measurement. This one has too many bells and whistles.