Nokia Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Body Composition & Heart Rate

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Nokia Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Body Composition & Heart Rate
Price: $89.99
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Condition: New


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7/30/2018 - $89.99

The same device is currently four cents cheaper and includes free shipping if you buy it directly from Nokia Health/Withings.

this scale is not a good deal on woot. its cheaper directly on amazon

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Drat! I own one, love it, bought it at full price half a year ago! Saw it on Ellen Degeneres’ show. Wifi, it Gives you everything - BMI, bone density, water weight, even weather forecast… loads it into a wireless-connected app. Very cool! Love mine! Sorry to hear that if I’d waited I could have gotten it for much less. :frowning:

Good catch! We lowered our price $10. If you already purchased, the $10 refund will be showing up shortly- thanks!

Be warned: they removed FitBit sync/integration functionality around May or so. So you’ll see lots of stuff claiming FitBit support, but it’s not current.

I was seconds from buying this before I found this out. Good thing I did.

It appears to me that it’s $147 on Amazon.

what’s the battery life on these?

Bought one under the “Withings” name right before nokia rebranded them. However, while it’s feature set was amazing it died exactly 18 months later. Just one day -off.

Yeah, mine to pretty much. Won’t connect to phone now. And it only shows weight now and nothing else. Adult owned, now kids. Save your money.

Batteries for me last over one year. I thought maybe that was what was wrong, but nope, just junk. It did work great the first year. Even emailed two, three times for warranty…nothing. They took the money and ran.