Had to take off the black wrapper? Does that mean this is … Fresh Cake?

Only one Editor’s Choice this time? What gives?

Edit: nvm, I see you just didn’t add the little badge.

At least the condition isn’t crumb-y.

Cute. Not in love with it. How ever it does make me want a pink cupcake. If you sold this shirt in a bundle pack with oink cupcakes and charged extra then id prob buy a dozen.

Another shirt.woot induced food craving (if the zombie shirts start to have that effect, time to move on to another late night diner). I do like the icing color.

Here’s a bakery roundup for those of you wishing for the real thing.

would totally buy it if it said NOM NOM NOM. it works better in 3’s

Looks like one cupcake didn’t make it out of Nom.

I would say the cake is a lie, but it looks SO GOOD!!!

Wikipedia does not help with understanding this shirt.

I saw the picture on woot and couldnt grab my credit card faster! … But then saw it in shirt woot and saw it pixel style. Major downfall for me for whatever reason. It is adorable though.

How could they only eat one cupcake? Even better question, Why doesn’t the baker eat one, they’re delicious!

Yes, this is an Editors’ Choice design. Looks like our production artist forgot the badge.

Sorry Woot, but cupcake != milkshake.

This is the sound my dog makes when he jumps on the table and eats our pizza.


Put 3 noms in google and you will get this urban definition:

Nom nom nom

1). an onomatopoeia, the sound one makes when delightfully rapidly ingesting something delicious, the context most often used is when scarfing down a delicious food, such as a cookie or sandvich.

2). the phrase is near commonplace on the internet but originated with Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster: (while making a mess, shoveling what appear to be chocolate chip cookies into his mouth) NOM NOM NOM!

3). the sound is also used in Team Fortress 2 when the Heavy class eats a deliciously looking “sandvich” after becoming damaged and regains full health.

Heavy: “What was dat sandvich? Kill dem all? Good idea! Ahahaha!” (bites sandwich) Nom nom nom…


So am I the only one that realized that one of those cupcakes is missing part of it’s head?

Poor Thing.

sigh This makes the 7th shirt printed from the kitchen derby which my shirt got an HM for… woot and your teasing I do not like this! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr