Non-Black/Asphalt/Navy Blue T-Shirts: Will they ever win?


You and I both know that this was easily one of the top three designs.

Seriously, the huge monster, the tiny pier with the fisherman, the cool waves, amazing. However, I KNOW there is a conspiracy to not vote on lighter colored shirts (other than white). For the Quitter Derby, the one that lost out was a brown shirt, every other one was navy or black. Dreams, every option was navy or asphalt or black. I know for the Trompe L’Oeil category there was a green shirt, but come on. Either this is rigged, or everyone here needs to branch out with their colors. Buy/vote on a shirt that matches your eyes. It will look good on you, and girls will mention it. Buy something that complements your skin tone, we all know black doesn’t help that.

Sorry about my cliche internet rant, but man, I REALLY wanted that shirt. But seriously,t ell me if I’m wrong, you know I’m not.


He gets the right back in 60 days and can sell it somewhere else then. :slight_smile:


I love that one, too (it’s the only fogged design I voted for last week), but I don’t think shirt color was a major factor. There have been previous derby winners on colors like yellow, cream, orange and white, all of which are more vilified in the forums than light blue.

Last week, there were more people who liked the other three designs than who liked this one, it’s as simple as that. But it was one of the closest votes I’ve seen (I think less than ten votes decided third place) so this shirt definitely had a lot of fans.

I hope this one cleans up in the next Best Of derby :slight_smile: