Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads (Set of 15)

Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads (Set of 15)

Caution: do NOT try to machine-wash (or dry) these “treads” as they suggest. If you HAVE stuck them to your steps, unsticking them to wash them is not likely to work out well (when it comes time to put them BACK). If you have NOT peeled off the backing to reveal the adhesive, putting them in the washer/dryer is likely to peel that backing off FOR you; again, not likely to work out well (fairly obvious when the washer and/or the dryer starts making a LOT more noise).

And graphic nine swapped the icons for “fade resistant” and “easy to trim”. Discouraging, and not impressive.


The ones I rcvd were basically a little stiffee sticky paper with a gritty top

I don’t recommend them


And here I was coming to complain that I bought some off Etsy for way more. But I can see the difference in quality already. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Please Note: Our Backing is not glue or a permanent adhesive such as double-sided tape. When touching the adhesive with hands, no stickiness will be felt, but on the stairs it will adhere. TreadSafe created the first Reusable non-residue adhesive on the market, allowing you to adhere your new treads and remove them safely whenever, without needing to worry about removing any residue.”

Maybe they’re using Alien Tape?