$$$$$ Andy!

Nah. This is by some imposter named ACriagL, not ACraigL. Different artist completely. :tongue:

(I’ve sent a note already.)

Wow! Double Derby wins!

Congratulations! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

To put this situation into perspective:

See what I did there? Anybody? Mueller? :tongue:

Cute, but mischaracterizes introverts. We like to recharge by being alone but don’t mind a little engagement with other people.

I don’t know what to say… :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone, this is amazing!!!

And thanks for catching the misspelling of my username @Narfcake.

Really now. That is fascinating! Where are the introvert’s meetings held?

N41, 'grats @AcraigL!

Congrats on the double win! I hope you only had two entries in the derby so the rest of us can fight for third. :slight_smile:

No surprise at these 2 wins! Can he make it a third? Solid, clean designing with great concepts as always. Congrats :slight_smile:

Wow!!! big congrats acraigl!

Has anyone else noticed it saying

Last purchase: a few seconds from now”

Woot predicts when the next sale will occur …

2 in a row! WooHoo!

You could not be more wrong.

Introverts are why social media exists. Both my son and son in law would love this shirt and they both have birthdays coming up. But I have to choose because I wouldn’t want them to be twins.

A true introvert would wear it inside out. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Fixed! I’m one person again. Thanks!

look up pretty much any definition. doesn’t take much searching.

Buy this and a different one from the catalog?

Way to go, Andy! Tomorrow you may just sweep the podium! Woohoo!

If we comment,we disobey the shirt