Noob question sort of. How do people swap items?


How do people swap items? Some people had like toasters they were selling for 14.99, or they bought a video card and wanted to swap for the speakers.

How would two people swap items? Can you change the shipping address? Or do you just create an auction on ebay or what?

Hopefully this won’t get alot of flames. First time woot’er.


You can go to the woot swap forum:



So from this forum, does it just help you coordinate an exchange? Is there any buyer/seller/swaper protection?


Nope…all honor system. Most people are pretty trustworthy. Are you?


How the exchange works is you post what you have and say what you are willing to take for it in exchange.



So when somebody agrees…do you swap shipping info via PM’s and then both just go to the post office and ship?


There is a swap 4-1-1 there for FAQs.

I have swapped no problem.


Yes. You don’t give your address in the open forum. You both should agree on shipping method so one doesn’t feel cheated if they do 2-day versus regular.

Also, it is helpful to post your tracking number in a PM to your swap partner once you ship it so they can track its progress.


I just finished reading the 411, funny guy who wrote it.

Good info. Thanks alot guys for the friendly responce. Woot & Digg are my new two favorite sites.


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