Noob Question


Is there anyway to find out how many items are in stock? Or what % of items were sold?




Give me $50.00 and I’ll tell you the truth.


And what an honest face!


Sure you can tell how many items are in stock. When it says “sold out” you know that their are no items in stock.



As a somewhat noob myself I did learn this today from the FAQ:

**Will Woot ever tell us how many units remain available in a given sale? **
No. That would spoil the fun. But we will give you one hint, which brings us to…

**Why is the “I Want One” button bouncing around? **
Ah, that means we’re in Urgent Mode. Act fast - a sellout is approaching! The bouncing button is like a nutty old prophet guy on the street wearing a signboard that says “THE END IS NIGH,” only cleaner, less crazy, and more orange.

Here is the bouncing button (well - I just made a version of it anyways…)


Instead of bouncing, woot should make it quiver, as with delight!!