Nood The Flasher IPL Laser Hair Removal (Factory Reconditioned)

Nood The Flasher IPL Laser Hair Removal (Factory Reconditioned)

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Groin area too? Asking for a friend… :upside_down_face:


Does the “reconditioning” include… hair clipping removal?


I am more concerned about the hygiene factor… they’re reconditioned, so essentially used or do I don’t get it?


This is not something I would want to use being used. 99 percent of people are using this for their pubic area. Spend the extra 60 and get it brand new.


Extra $60? More like extra $170 from the mothership.


Guess you have to name your price for bumping uglies.


My wife has one of these and it really works well. Almost permanent hair removal after about a year of use. At this point she just flashes a few times a month if she spots a random straggler hair.

WRT condition - I wouldn’t worry TOO much about the hygiene factor. The only part that actually touches the treatment area is the flasher bulb, which has a limited number of flashes before it dies and needs to be replaced. I would ASSUME that all the reconds have new bulbs. Additionally, it’s not that hard to clean/disinfect. I highly doubt you will get one with a bunch of burnt hairs on the bulb - yes that’s how it works, so you will have to clean it often.

This is an amaze balls price, these go for $259.99 on the big brother website. This is almost a buy on woot, list on eBay opportunity.

P.S. This will only work if your treatment HAIR IS DARKER THAN YOUR SKIN, so avoid this product if you are treating light blonde hair on tan white skin or dark brown/black hair on dark/black skin. DO NOT ASK ME TO EXPLAIN THE SCIENCE BEHIND THIS, I DON’T KNOW.

P.P.S. It’s not pain free, you feel a little heat with each flash, but it’s exponentially less painful than waxing or epilating, which is by far the worst. You can minimize pain/hair fire smell by shaving first, waiting a few days and treating the stubble. DO NOT use on hair > 1/8 inch long.


… or you could just wipe it with alcohol to disinfect it. It’s an accessible surface.
I would expect to do the same with a brand new one a well.


Isopropyl alcohol for piece of mind.


Some nasty permanent burn marks in the reviews. That’s gonna be a pass for me

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Can this be used on cats?

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Guess I’ll stick with my Mach Three. God, I hate shaving.


“Nood The Flasher” would make a great comic book supervillain.

man eating GIF by Trolli

I’m going to guess those cases were user error, either by ignoring the hair color/skin tone requirements or trying it on long hairs, but whatevs, makes no difference to me.

Yes, but neither the manufacturer or Woot will pay for the reconstructive surgery and blood transfusion you’ll need afterward.

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Will it kill hair growing out of moles? Got this mole on my tricep that quickly grows a couple thick, dark hairs. I have to remember to pluck regularly which is tough since I can’t easily see without a mirror.

Original laser hair removal (the paid kind) could not distinguish in tone, the hair on darker skin tones. But most offices have installed new equipment that does. These consumer level items might be relying on older tech, maybe?

Dear Woot! Powers that Be,

Please try to acquire more Noods…I’m totally bummed out I missed this. :smiling_face_with_tear: