Noontec Headphones and Portable Power

Nice headphones, solid, good sound I think. I bought the HD version on Groupon last month. Price was a little lower but in this range.

Nowhere at all can I find if the Bluetooth version of these headphones have the forward or backward a track buttons on them. I believe they have volume up/down buttons. It would be nice if this very important detail would be included because I’m sure more would be sold if these details were divulged.

will these work with a television? cordless so I can watch tv in bed and not bother the spouse?

product page

It looks like they do have the track back/forward buttons, located with the play/pause button. I think they mistakenly state these are the volume buttons on the page, but if you check the pictures, you’ll notice the +/- buttons on the other side, which should be the actual volume buttons.

Potable power? As in OK to drink? I don’t get it.

april fools. ha ha.