Noontec Headphones


Have been waiting for these to come back on Woot for a while. Missed out last time since they looked like Beats knock-offs and hesitated because of that, but every review that I’ve uncovered since say that the HD’s give great sound, and a few posts on head-fi agree that they’re comparable to ~$250 cans, despite the copycat aesthetics.

Good timing too, Woot - I was very close to jumping on Amazon’s $100 pricetag. Suffice it to say I’ll be hopping on this one post-haste.

Got these last time they came up, the HD’s. They have wonderful sound, less bass than my V-moda x-fades, but the sound quality is very crisp and they have wonderful clarity. Definitely worth the $50.
They do feel a bit flimsy, but they’ve been solid enough for me for everyday use.

I picked up a pair of the HDs last time they were offered. Before I made the purchase, I read this:

As you’ll see, CNET gives them a ringing endorsement. I’ve now had these for a few months and can tell you that their pros/cons assessment is pretty much spot on.

Overall, the sound quality is excellent and certainly worth it for this price. I’ll prob pick up another pair to give as an X-mas gift.

Just in case anyone checks back…

I wanted to thank the 3 posters as I grabbed a pair of the HD Headphones after reading the posts made here!

Thanks again

No prob, glad to assist. You’re definitely going to be very pleased.

When will these show up again? I liked the quality of mine for use on my cell phone & my dad would like to buy a set for himself.

Woot should hire some copy editors. The features read like they used Google translate.