Noontec Powa 10,000mAh Mobile Power Bank

Here it is in a previous plus event

Can you take this battery on a plane?

These mobile chargers are awesome for traveling.
We took one with us to the Yosemite backcountry to keep my iphone charged to use the GPS while hiking and it kept my iphone 5 charged for 5 days.
And yes to the above plane question. Not a problem.

No reason to jump on this at ALL. These prices are current, and cheaper than here with free Amazon Prime shipping, on competing products that actually have existing Amazon reviews this one doesn’t:

12,000 mAh for $39.99
10,400 mAh for $37.99
10,000 mAh for $36.99
12,000 mAh for $39.99
13,000 mAh for $39.99
11,000 mAh for $33.99®-RP-PB07-10400mAh-Flashlight-originally/dp/B009V5X1CE

Anyone know the weight on this item? Bizarrely, I can’t find a weight for this by googling - you’d think that would be one of the most important pieces of info.

So is this basically what is in a Powerbag? If so, I would like this as I can move it from bag to bag err scratch that, 50 watt hours (see below) is still a smaller battery

Basically you can’t check this, but you can carry it on the plane. It’s watt hour rating, from here

mAh/1000 * V = watt hours

is 10000 /1000 * 5 = 50 watt hours.

Limits for carry on are 300 watt hours

I have a similar device which I got from Monoprice. I flew cross-country two weeks ago and had it on the planes with me no problem.

thanks i just got the 13000 mah charger.

Not going to go through them all, but I checked the 11,000 mAh one ($33.99). It has free shipping even without Prime and stands at 5 stars with 199 reviews.

Feel free to spend $8 more than that for less capacity, slower shipping, a worse return policy and zero Amazon reviews.

You’re right, it doesn’t seem like a Google search yields any results.

I’ve pinged staff members to see if we can find out the weight of today’s offer.

We’ll repost if we find any info.
Thanks for the inquiry!

Again with a product that doesn’t ship to military addresses. Boo on woot. Soldiers wants to recharge their phones too.

Not enough zeros. I’m holding out for a 10,000,000,000,000 pAh battery. That many zeros would really impress me. Although if anyone sold a battery of, I don’t know, 10 Amp-hours or so I might get one just so that I wouldn’t have to carry around all the extra zeros when I travel.

I’m a little hesitant to buy a technology product from a company that doesn’t know how to use SI prefixes properly.

Here’s the off the wall question of the day: With 2- 5v USB ports, does that mean it will actually output 10v? I have an electric skateboard that could use some new batteries and 3 of these at 10v each & 10,000mah would get me faster for longer than the current SLA’s rated at 24v 5,000mah…

I can vouch for the Anker brand linked above. I bought the 14400 mah multi-voltage pack lasting for a trip overseas and it was amazing. No problems taking it on the plane. Charge time was less than 10 hours (usually 3-4), will charge laptops and anything else you can throw at it. Their customer service is outstanding. Have two family members jumping on Anker now.

I appreciate the information, this is really helpful. The first one you list has some great, detailled reviews.

Can you charge this while you’re using it to charge your phone? In other words, can you daisy chain your phone and this charger? Some chargers can either take a charge or give a charge but won’t do both. It’s much more convenient when a charger will do both.

Short answer: NO.

Longer answer: Not really, You could, I suppose, series 2 of them to get 10 volts (like you series 2 1.5v AA batteries to get 3v in a flashlight) but these are not the kind of batteries that you really want for your application. Plus now you need 6 of them.

Helpful (hopefully) tip: Take your skateboard to either / both a battery store (like Batteries Plus) or an RC hobby store. They usually have at least one employee who likes to tinker or has some knowledge outside of checking a list of part numbers to see what is recommended. Talk to them and see what they think.


Ordered this last Woot…and it was just a nice charged up brick that wouldn’t charge any of my devices. It would charge itself so to speak (USB to charging port to test…and it lit up)…so it was putting out power…but connected to any other device there was nothing. No charge, no lights, no working power button…nothing. Sent it back and went with another brand.