Noontec Powa 10,000mAh Mobile Power Bank

It weighs in at 6.4 oz. We’ve added that info to the sale. Great question.

Yes you can take this on a plane. You can take it on a train. You can take in in the rain. You can take this to Bahrain or with a grain…of salt that is.

I have seriously considered one of these larger capacity batteries for dry camping but wonder the following about this one…

  1. Claims it charges twice as fast as others - so at 12 hours claimed that means the others take 24 hours?!? Yikes.

  2. It appears this unit only charges via a USB input port since there’s nothing mentioned about 120 volt adapters. Since USB ports are severely limited in the current they can pass that hampers charge time in itself.

(In fairness, they’re likely all the same in this respect - keeps cost down but faster 120 volt, higher than USB current charging would be a competitive advantage.)

(Note to self: bring car inverter + 120 volt to USB wall wart when on the road.)

  1. What does “Officially authorized by Apple with MFI certification POWA is officially authorized by Apple company and passes the TDMA/ATS testing” mean, does it offer any real world advantage and does the competition have this rating?

It is disappointing that apparently Woot didn’t make the effort to check the mothership (Amazon) for competing products/pricing. The credibility of lots of reviews makes those products at lower prices a safer, smarter buy.

Bought this last month and it works great. Its three times as powerful and cheaper to boot.

Apple MFI certification is a license shown that Apple (Apple Inc.) has authorized accessory manufacturers to mark MFI logo on their products. Actually, MFI is the abbreviation of “made for iPhone” made for iPod “” made for iPad ". In the market, the sign for certified products is identified as black and white “Apple MFI” logo on the front of package, as shown on the right : “MFI” new version logo. In addition, before iPad was released, the logo was to be the old version, shown as the virtual figure. In old logo, the sign of iPhone and iPod is shown separately. The old logo with white on black is shown on the right.

Apple Inc. allow manufacturers to print “MFI” logo on the product package. However, there are some strict regulations to use Apple unified logo. The rate of getting “MFI” certification is only 2%. In order to maintain the product life cycle and ensure Apple brand image, Apple requires the quality and taste of accessories with MFI sign on the same level as Apple product. Only after passing multiple tests, the license can be authorized. The accessories with MFI sign hold more reliable guarantee for customers than others. It is a symbol of high-quality and strength of technology for manufacturers and design company to apply for and successfully obtained MFI license.

Apple Inc. issured a specific and mandatory requirement: the functional accessories for Apple products sold by all authorized reseller must be certified and have MFI license. Or, Apple will not make any warranty if using the accessories without authorization to cause damage for any Apple product.

The way I understand and use these devices, they are a way to take more mah’s with you in a pocket or bag. Charge them at home from your computer, a wall wart that came with your rechargeable device, your car adapter, or an outlet in your home with a USB port. (Yes they now exist. Once you are away from easy access to mains electricity, you plug your addictive device of choice into this battery pack to recharge it. Some models from other manufacturers have built in AC plugs, the penalty for this is size, weight and price.

Except for Apple, most devices are now using Micro USB connectors to charge, so chances are, you already have something that will charge this device. Many cars are even adding a USB port that will charge directly, and rather than using your car inverter (unless you want it for something else) power port (used to be cigarette lighter) to USB adapters are a dime a dozen

These batteries are limited in how fast they can take a charge without literally going up in flames, so there is a technical limitation on how fast you can charge them.

Apple, being the 400 pound Gorilla that it is, has done some tricksy things not officially approved in the USB standard in order to charge via USB at 2 amps (the standard allows for 500 milli amps, 1/4 of that) for more information on this see I am guessing that the Apple and others approval indicates that Apple has tested it, and verified that the Noontec has jumped through the right hoops.

At the end of the post, it really comes down to: [list]
[]Will this pack charge from where I want to charge it?
]Will it hold a charge till I need it?
[]Will it charge the device I need to charge?
I can’t really answer these questions for you, but hopefully someone else has exp. with this battery and will post it.


I doubt if that has 3 times the capacity - a lot of batteries sold in China have wildly inflated ratings.

Given the physical dimensions, the capacity of the eBay unit is probably in line with what Woot is selling. If you’re lucky.

Will this charge a laptop? I need something to extend the unplugged life of my laptop by an hour or two - will this do that?

Thank you so much for this post! I just sent a message to to cancel my order for that other battery pack.

I’ve never seen a laptop that takes a charge from USB. It may exist, but I doubt it. If you are an electrical tinkerer, you MIGHT pull off charging a netbook. Bottom line, you would be better served buying a second battery or high capacity battery for your existing machine.

You might be able to extend your existing battery by careful manipulation of your power schemes. How much would depend on how you have it currently set up and what you are willing to give up for battery life. (Lighted keyboard? Bright display? Processor speed? Fast resume?)

This one is one-third the price, with free shipping:

lol whatTF! I hope you didn’t buy from them. That product is probably garbage. That website looks like crap! And it probably comes from overseas somewhere so shipping will take longer than woot!

Stick with amazon or someone else reputable and not that garbage. The price for this product on tech.woot isn’t great and comparable products are less elsewhere but I wouldn’t buy from a shady place like BUYINCOINS! I mean seriously even that name screams give us your money and we’ll give you hell!

Although it costs more, I much prefer the Anker Pro, as it has 9V and 12V outputs in addition to the usb ones, so you can charge pretty much anything.

All the people listing other products are missing the whole point of this. It’s smaller and lighter than the other products. This thing only weighs 6.4 ounces. The batteries listed by other’s comments weigh between 10 and 12 ounces. To me, lighter is better (backpacker here).

If you don’t care about the weight and size difference the other choices are probably fine. To me, even if I’m not backpacking, I’d rather have a lighter bag and save the space, even if it costs a couple dollars more.

I recently got an international/unlocked phone SIII mini from amazon to replace mine that was stolen, and my energizer battery pack (a woot! from years ago that is still kickin) will not charge it for some reason. It charges fine if I plug it into the usb on my laptop and using a usb 110v adapter, but not with the power pack.

I am assuming this phone must use a slightly different voltage or amp (?); does anyone think this one might work, or have any idea what
I should do to get another one…I am lost w/o my monster spare charge =(

I’ve seen articles where the Chinese ones on eBay are filled mainly with sand. Even if this one isn’t filled with sand, it’s unlikely that they got 30,0000mAh in a 142x82x16mm case…

I’d go with the ones listed above on Amazon. If you’re looking for the 2A input, all the Limeade batteries also have 5V/2A inputs and you get more capacity for not much more $.

Y’all are suckers. Learn electronics. Ah means NOTHING without a voltage. I can sell you a 10000000000 Ah batery(…at .000000001mV!)
And it’ll fit in your coin pocket and weigh 1oz! Barnum was right. :frowning:

bought two - neither charge my iphone 5 (currently at 36%) for more than 10 mins. all lights lit, but no joy. pressing the power button starts the charging again (whilst displaying all 4 lights) starts the cycle again.

any thoughts?

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your purchase.
I recommend that you contact the Noontec Help Page to see if they can help solve the problem.

If they’re unable to assist you, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at and let them know.
They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Update : it seems that it’s related to the batterys’ auto shutoff feature - if I plug in two devices then it doesn’t appear to shut off (at least for the 1 hour I tried).

So all I need is to buy another iPhone 5 and I’m sorted…

Also note that the support link you provided has a bunch of 404 links behind it - no way of actually getting support from it.