Norcent 1GB Secure Digital Card

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Norcent 1GB Secure Digital Card
$29.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Norcent 1GB Secure Digital Card - SDC-1GB

too bad this isn’t a memory stick pro duo, sigh…

Yawn… i already have enough flash memory

make sure your camera can read 1 Gig
My camera can only see 512 Meg

not bad woot. can use for my PSP.

G’night all!

i have a CF camera

if this was CF i would pick one up

mmm… got me sandisk

thats not even a deal

Heck of a deal, without the rebate hassle. Only one question: Has anyone heard of Norcent?

Bad woot. Bout a 1 gig SD last week for $27 shipped

hows norcent compare to the other brands? any idea what speed this equals?

Decent Item, Okay Price. I’ll wait until it’s 2 for $30

Happy Early St. Pattys Day. Parade and Weather was Nice Here!

NewEgg has a 1 GB SD card for $33 + $5 shipping

This is cheaper, but not by a whole lot. Nothing fantastic to see here. . .

25$ after MIR at

Viking 1GB 33X Secure Digital Card - SD1GB

VIKING FLASH : SD1GB : Viking 1GB 33X Secure Digital Card

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List Price: $111.47
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Less Rebate(s): - $25.00
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*After Rebate(s) $24.95


In Stock: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 business days.
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Manufacturer: VIKING FLASH
Mfg Part#: SD1GB Sku: 10388612

Has anyone ever heard of the brand ???

Great if you bought the mp3 player 2 days ago and don’t already have a large memory card for it!

Not a bad deal if you got suckered into buying an old obsolete camera.

I’ll send in my iRiver rebate tommorow…

It’s not a fast card with only 10mb write speed…