Norcent DCS-860 8MP Digital Camera

I had to restart the server but, all the issues have been fixed on the site and the chat works now. Happy Wooting and have a good night! BTW is this woot any good because it doesn’t seem like the best woot in the world:-p Well, I have never gotten one of these either.

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too bad i already have a camera for my naked pix.


atleast its shiney

woot: Woot-Off : $69.99 : Norcent DCS-860 8MP Digital Camera
Fetched from Twitter / Brent Wong with friends

mmmmmmm, I want a point and shot camera. This one looks a bit intimidating

I want an Invicta watch!

No name brand… no camera for me

I love me Woot Off!

How many Roombas we gonna see today? :slight_smile:


fine. I sleep now.

not bad!

i love how it doesnt say what format cards it takes XD

bah i hope the have like 2 and someone rele likes cameras… or some point and shoot noob wants one. i bought a point a shoot and never use it… gah

The 10MP is $63+FS on eBay

Not to be a stick in the mud or anything

That was fast! I hope you didnt blink…

Hot girl btw. ^^

Time for a shower now???