Nordic Ware 12" Sauté Pan

I’ve been looking for one of these.
Good reviews on Amazon.
Great price.
I’m in for one.

Does the pepper come with the saute pan? I see nothing to indicate that it doesn’t, so I demand a red bell pepper along with the saute pan if I order one!

Made in Minneapolis Minnesota, don’t 'cha know.

Was $24.99 on home.woot last month.

i’ll just say the same thing i said there i suppose:

*plus: removable handle for oven use. i had one for a while and the handle didn’t come off unless i took it off. not the same brand, but whatever.

minus: nonstick. pretty terrible in general. you can buy a nice plain aluminum pan that tons of restaurants use en masse for less.*

The pan you refer to is made by Tramontina (spelling?) and is available at Costco in a small/large combo pack for about the same price as this. The design is similar to the NordicWare, with the key exception that you’ll actually see the Tramontinas in use in pretty much ALL the restaurant kitchens featured on the food network.

They’re fantastically robust, and still cheap enough that replacing them if something bad happens won’t make you cringe in the slightest. Ugly, but very effective. Heck, buy two sets … keep yourself covered or have an emergency gift handy.

(When it comes to NordicWare, they’re damn good when it comes to baking sheets, I should point out. If you see a deal on some of those from them, do not hesitate.)

I bought the 3 pan set of that Brazilian company you referenced from Costco. The largest pan was scratched the first time I used it by my plastic spatula that had never damaged the Calphalon and Cuisinart non-stick pans I own.

don’t wanna be a troll, but this is garbage for anyone with a semi-serious kitchen. perfectly suitable for a dorm room but if you wanna do anything besides fry eggs, don’t bother

Won’t work on induction cooktops…

But that’s exactly why one would buy a non-stick pan, for eggs and crepes and omelets.

Think of this as a special-purpose pan, not a general use one.

So can I buy that pepper? Or can it be included? That’s the real prize here.

No. I bought the same pan from woot, same pic, and alas… No bell pepper. The pan is actually quite awesome for specific things, being that it’s non-stick, I mean things that stick when you cook them. The delicious meals I’ve prepared in this usually involve either eggs or meatballs and sauce. I personally prefer cooking on cast-iron, and avoid un-coated aluminum as much as possible (connection to Alzheimer’s), not that Teflon or whatever kinda coating is on this is all that better, but everything will kill you at some point. I think this makes an awesome occasional pan, or even a stinky fish pan. If you smoke… You might as well cook in it every meal, you’ve got more to worry about than Teflon or aluminum.

It’s a shame there is no mention of what gauge (thickness) the pan is made of or the metal in the handle. I checked for the model number on google and it seems this model is being sold at many close outs.
I’m wondering, is it as good as the model 21260 offered on Amazon?
The Amazon pan is 6 gauge aluminum and has chrome steel handle. That one should be plenty sturdy.
I just don’t know about this one. Sigh…

Last thing for the night: other posts from last woot, linked above, too:

I looked for the product website first, found it, then realized the previous woot had 2 people list it. I wasted my time:

Sorry, gotta go. Good night and good weekend.

How many 12" saute pans come with a lifetime warranty for 18.00 usd? Not many. To the above poster, you might be able to send it back to Nordic Ware and get a replacement.

If that ever happens again, turn it upside down on top of a towel, flip part of the towel over the bottom of the pan and wang it with a hammer just hard enough to flatten the bulge. I promise it will work if you do it correctly. In other words, use a bit of “percussive maintenance.”

What’s the bottom like on this thing? Is it specific for those flat top range stove things that my parents have? or will it wobble and I’ll have to hear about it for the next five years?

Could you let us know a brand/model for one of these aluminum pans? I’d love to see one as I’m in the market for a few at a good price.

Also, I haven’t had any problems with the nonstick. I got one at the last woot sale.

I got one at the last woot. Mine sits flat with no wobble on our glass top stove. Cleans easily. Cooks well. I haven’t put it on much over middle of the temperature range and have had good luck thus far.