Nordic Ware 12" Sauté Pan

I bought this same pan a little while back (7/5) from Woot! and so far, it’s been an amazing workhorse. I haven’t had any issues with the nonstick surface, although I also haven’t tried to put it into the oven yet. Releases eggs beautifully!

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Can’t find anything on Item #21263. However #21260 looks to be the same except for the color of the handle and color of the rivets. Reviews for #21260 are good on Amazon and Williams Sonoma. Looks to be an excellent price.

OK, 2 or maybe 3 years from now, it’ll be scratched and tossed. You just can’t fix this non-stick surface.

Now, cast iron? Your grandkids will be using it!


Here’s my post from last time.

and if videos aren’t your thing: Here is your article on tips for making your nonstick last longer

I bought this a month ago. It’s not
as heavy (thick) as the high-priced
pans but certainly adequate.
It cooks very nicely but the surface
scratches easily, do not use metal
utensils in this pan.

I recommend cutting your bell pepper up before tossing it in the pan.

I’m hoping the pan comes with the recipe for making that tasty looking Red Pepper dish!

I bought two of these last time. I would love to use them, but they arrived badly bent. So far, no replacement or refund.

Answered you in the other thread. Go ahead and email again for the replacement. Your last request came during the woot-off and they can’t do anything during those.

I bought one when it was $24.99. I love it! It is wonderful! One of the best pans I’ve ever had! To help keep the non-stick from getting scratched, I lay an old tea towel in the pan before putting it away so the pans stacked on top don’t scratch it. And I never use any metal in it for any reason. It claims you should hand wash it, but there are limits to what I will do! It’s been fine these past 6 weeks! Oh, and one more exclamation point for good measure!!!

Thanks! An email have been sent.

I, too, bought one during the last Woot availability, and I’m bitter that they’re significantly cheaper this time. That said, it was a bargain at that price, and now I’m seriously thinking about getting another to give as a gift. It’s lightweight enough to be convenient to use, heavy enough to spread heat very efficiently, and most importantly, the nonstick surface is really, really slick. Pan-frying in minimal oil and being able to toss-flip 10" pancakes are things I’ve not been able to do with some of the ceramic “non-stick” pans I’ve had. Those are now all gone.

Lately we have been getting a cuisinart non-stick pan every other year and its about time for replacement, they list for 150 but the street price is about 80. They last a couple of years even when abused (my wife uses metal utensils in them every day)

Not sure if this one will do as well, but might be worth a shot for 20 bucks…

That’s like saying, “Don’t look for a gas leak at night by candlelight.” Anyone mentally-challenged enough to need this instruction should probably stick (pun kinda intended) to cooking with his or her Fisher-Price cookware.

My wife is a medical professional but still insists on using her metal utensils in our non-stick pans. The cuisinart Mutli-clad pro usually can handle that every day for about 2 years before it starts to lose it’s non-stickiness. I am guessing this one won’t do quite so well.

Does anyone know how this does with glass top stoves? We have an electric one with a flat top, and our current pans aren’t flat enough on the bottom to make a good connection with the burners sometimes.

Is it my imagination or are these the same pans, different brand, you can get at Costco anytime for less?

I bought this a few weeks ago and have used it three times so far. It’s a very sturdy pan with a really nice non-stick surface that cooks very nicely. Of course, you have to baby it, but you have to baby all quality non-stick so that’s not an issue.

My only wish is for a lid. I haven’t made time yet to go to my local kitchen store and see if they have one that will fit it.

A standard lid should fit… my cuisinart domed lid to the 12 inch stainless frying pan fits nicely on the unbent nordicware pan, but if your woot pan is even slightly dented or warped, you wont get steam containment. After using it a few times, i think this is a really useful pan… a bit lighter weight than I had expected, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s roomy and very slick. ( 3 pieces of frenchtoast will fit at a time.) cleanup is a breeze. the thing i like least is the color of the handleprotector… not a deal breaker. definitely recommend buffering the nonstick surface if you plan to stack them with other pans. nonstick is not invinceable. also, i was very cautious at first keeping heat low… not necessary…medium is fine, even medium high on a gas range – just dont blast it at very very high heat and especially, dont heat it at high when empty. Good pan.