Nordic Ware 12" Stainless Sauté Pan

Wow. Looks like a great pan for a great price. It has good reviews and is made in the U.S.A.

I cook with saute pans everyday at work all day and I’m definitely grabbing a set of these for my home kitchen. Great brand best size and super durable + made in USA. You don’t really need to wash these pans just wipe em out while warm with a cloth and spray off super easy

I better get my bell pepper with my order!

The title says stainless which usually means stainless steel yet it’s all aluminum. That’s misleading information.

Yikes, you start hyperlinking and I’ll have some real competition in the Quality Post department :tongue:

Anyways, Here is a video from your friends over at “ForDummies”

Here is a video on how to care for your Non-Stick Pan It’s not embedded because it starts halfway through.

It’s nice to have the option of pulling off the grip to use the pan in the oven, but in my experience, if you CAN take a piece off of something, it WILL come off without you wanting it too at the most inconvenient time possible.

Also, is it just me, or does that handle look like it would be horrible to pick up if there’s anything heavy in the pan?

It’s that little known Aluminum similar to “Transparent Aluminum” called Stainless Aluminum.

Okay, it’s on. :slight_smile: From now I’ll hyperlink -> official pan page.

Good catch. It’s been removed. Thanks for pointing that out.

Do I get another Quality Post? Please…

Ok, I gave you another quality post. Happy hunting! :tongue:

I bought one of these saute pans a year ago. It still looks brand new and I cook with it everyday. I don’t remember what I paid for it but if I needed another one I would buy at this price for sure. This is a woot I don’t think you’d regret.

plus: removable handle for oven use. i had one for a while and the handle didn’t come off unless i took it off. not the same brand, but whatever.

minus: nonstick. pretty terrible in general. you can buy a nice plain aluminum pan that tons of restaurants use en masse for less.

Yes, but what is a “cap”???

I’m gonna come over there and slap you lstaff :tongue:

listen, you: i am still amazed about how stupid i was and how you all helped me out.

Guess it’s been a slow news week, huh??

oh, and you are most welcome to come try and slap me, i’ll just pick up my new Regalware stainless made in the USA pan (that i actually cooked in about 2 hours ago) and defend myself!!!

To really defend yourself, you’d need a Woot! Lodge 12 inch skillet. That way, you could leave a ! (or a i) on his face.

Just sayin’. :smiley:


I got rid of my aluminum non-stick pans and went with a stainless steel set and another set by Lodge which is cast iron. All the recent reports say to NOT use non-stick aluminum but if you do, make sure it is anodized, otherwise the stuff leaches into your food.

I have a full set of Lodge, a full set of All-Clad stainless, and a full set of non-stick (mostly Calphalon).

As awesome as my Lodge and All-Clad are – nothing beats non-stick for eggs and fish. This pan in particular, would be much better for salmon, for example, than any stainless or cast iron pan.

On the other hand, Lodge Logic would be much better for a steak.

Now about all the recent reports you mention. Can you please provide a few links to these reports.