Nordic Ware Cream Filled Cake Pan Set

I paid $10 for this from Woot a few weeks ago. Haven’t used it yet, it was for the wife anyway.

I would only get this if I could buy an equal sized glass for milk.

This is on Amazon for only a few dollars more… but with free shipping:

I’ll pass on this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cream filled cake way better than apple pie stiffler.

Sooooo…per the advert line, these come filled with cream cake??

Don’t make me taunt you with more pics of delicious cake from this pan …
Seriously, I’m impressed with how well the detail shows up:


Oh man! That does look good…

I plan to crush up some Oreo’s and fold them into the cream/frosting mixture when I get my pan…can’t wait! Hubby loves Oreo’s and this will be a nice surprise!

I slightly understand why auto-correct tries to make the word crème have an “accent grave” over the first e. It’s french, so you need the accent to make it pronounced “crehm” instead of “creem”. But for some reason, Woot’s description mentions a “Cremé-Filled Wafer”. That word, with an “accent aigu”, would be pronounced “crem-ay” or perhaps “creem-ay”. And it would make as much sense as the name of the “MCM Grandé Hotel” in luxurious De Soto, TX (a real place: Which is to say, it makes no darned sense at all.