Nordic Ware Cremé-Filled Cake Pan Set

Are those tasty cookies included? I’m kind of hungry at the moment, and those look good.

This is hilarious. If it had the design of an Oreo, rather than some random crappy impostor, I’d order it in a heartbeat.

Ahhhh…ice cream cake using cookies n cream ice cream. Yes.

Well this is pretty hilarious looking. I got the Nordic cupcake cake pan a while back, and it’s really good, and the nonstick makes all the details show up. So if you’re concerned with little bits getting stuck, just follow the directions.

Does anybody know if 4 cups of batter is equal to your basic boxed cake mix?

Does it come with the cookbook?

It’s a Hydrox!!!

Oh my gosh that sounds delicious!! I’m totally buying it just so I can do that :slight_smile:

brilliant idea!!!

In for three!! And totally psyched to use them!!!

According to reviews on Amazon, you should be able to use one box of cake mix and one tub of frosting to build a similar cake. Of course, in my world, one tub of frosting just never seems to be quite enough.
I think these would be good for making a Boston Cream Cake or other pudding filled goodness. Maybe a Banana Pudding Dessert…

And they’re $16.99 (free Prime Shipping) over at Amazon.

I have no reason at all to buy this, but damn if I ain’t thinking about it.

You never know when you might need it.

Just throwing that out there.

I don’t have anything against these pans, in fact, if I didn’t already have at least 6 8" round pans I’d probably get a set.

However, that’s what I came here to say. You can do pretty much the same thing with 2 round cake pans. Sure, it won’t look as fancy, but unless you’re only going to ever make giant sandwich cookie cakes, I’d rather get a set of standard rounds so I can do layer cakes.

But all this talking…crap…I may just buy them, because I could totally forsee a s’mores cookie cake in my future.

We of course, would love pictures of said cake.

Do they come filled with Cremé?