Nordic Ware Cute Cupcake Pan



Nordic Ware pans are quickly replacing Wilton in my kitchen. They just work better.


Decent Price…Here is the product site!

Nordic Ware Cute Cupcake Pan

This would make a cute birthday cake. Does the batter from a box of cake mix fill both halves of this pan?


I would assume so…The web site says that it feeds four people and I know that a box cake can feed more than that so…


This is from the link above:

“Mixes and recipes may vary. Fill the pan no more than 3/4 full to avoid overflow.”


Whyyyyyy do I want this?

I bake like twice a year, if even.

I don’t even like cupcakes all that much.

But this… making a giant cupcake… I feel like I must possess that ability, no matter how infrequently I will put it to use.

Here’s someone’s Flickr photo of a cake they made using a similar pan:

Seems to have some issues.


Cupcakes make me feel like i’m a giant and I like that feeling


I own this pan! I got it for my birthday last year. I haven’t made a cupcake in it, yet. But, I DID make a giant cupcake-shaped meatloaf with mashed potato “frosting” and chive sprinkles. It was pretty awesome.


That sounds amazing.


Made in the USA! Right here in the Twin Cities I believe…


This looks like it is a terrible design, lots of unnecessary nooks and crannies.


I wonder if they make cupcake liners this big?


Would be kinda plain if it were all smooth.

Nordicware makes good stuff. I suspect it’s pretty easy to clean up.


Just as a note. Be careful if you use a filling. I have a giant cupcake pan similar to this one, and made a marshmallow puff filling. Half a day in the fridge and it melted into giant cupcake goop cake. It was sad… :frowning: But still very yummy…




don’t forget the gravy filling!! I got a meatloaf cupcake at my grocery store just like that! Heavenly!


Nordic Ware pans are, across the board, EXCELLENT.

I bake quite a bit, and the recipes that come with their pans are always excellent. This is a GREAT PRICE.

I think i may own this, but i think i am in for three.


I think “my little cuppycake” would love this giant Cup Cake! We have cupcakes on the counter now! Would be a sweet graduation gift for her next month!


Oh, and another thing: the decorative nature of the pan allows them to be served with just a dusting of powdered sugar instead of frosting, if you are: out of time, too lazy, or just prefer it that way.

And, to get the details to really come out perfectly: DROP the pan, full of the batter, from about a foot up, on the floor. Do this a few times. It gets all the air bubbles out from the nooks and crannies, and the resulting cake is smooth and amazing. (Less important if it’s covered in frosting, of course.)